Senior Entrepreneurs, Now is Your Time

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With nootropics now in the market, more and more seniors are experiencing an improvement in their cognition particularly in motivation, creativity, memory and other executive functions. In fact, healthy senior citizens may feel that now is the time to start a brand new business. It may surprise you to know how many new employees get exciting just thinking about running their own enterprise. Building a business which is a reflection of their values and interests is something more and more senior entrepreneurs are eager to do. If launching a business is something you are thinking about now that you’ve reached retirement age, there are a few things you can do to get started.

Benefits of Nootropics

Nootropics will help you stay mentally sharp as you run your business. Not only will your brain functions improve, you will have greater ability to focus. These days, it is a common problem for all age groups to go through impaired memory and stress. To attain better brain function, nootropics are recommended.

You get increased concentration when you take nootropics. This means you will be able to solve business problems better. Your memory will be better as well. Neuron connections in your brain are enhanced, which is very beneficial for business. Nootropics have also been shown to reverse aging. Not only that, your brain nerves become calmer which helps you feel fresher and improves your pattern of sleep. This means that for every new business day, you can wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Your Own Market

If you are currently a senior citizen wondering which market to serve, you might want to serve your own market. Who better to know the needs and wants of your age group than yourself? For wise senior entrepreneurs able to think ahead of the game, the senior market provides unlimited opportunities. For example, the philosophy of active living that is spreading among more mature Boomers is something you might want to become involved in. Who better than a peer to show other seniors about how to age gracefully and stay fit?

The great thing about beginning a new business that puts the spotlight on living actively is that you can be very creative about how your are going to go about doing this. There is a pretty wide spectrum as this could involve anything from endorsing brands for healthy living, hosting treks in locations outdoors, running tours or even opening up an electric bike franchise. After you retire from your career, businesses such as these work very well and at the same time, help other people remain healthy throughout the years. Use what you know and find your niche in the growing market of active living.

Serving Others

For more active retirees, providing services is a popular idea. If this sounds like you, keep in mind that the game is not limited just to pet sitting, tutoring or handyman services. For businesses that are service oriented, there are more options than ever. One particular one that is perfect for retirees is elderly care. Many senior citizens that live alone need guidance with daily living tasks. This could be cooking, errands, shopping and housekeeping. This market also hires services that help with bill paying, medical claims and relocating. You may want to get involved in something that provides this to them and they will be sure to trust a fellow retiree that knows what it could be like.

Become a Coach

If you are a senior citizen that wants to start a business now that you are retired, you can do this by coaching others in the area of your expertise. Think about the life lessons in your previous jobs. Share knowledge you have gained through the years. Remember, all those years of being employed have helped you gain wisdom and an amount of knowledge that someone younger will simply not have access to. Now that you are serious about beginning a new endeavor, a coaching or consulting career may be very easy for you to start and yet at the same time, pay off very well. After all, you already have the knowledge you need to impart. All you need to do is to advertise and spread the word. Tutoring and teaching are other alternatives. You might even do online teaching using video if you are tech-savvy.

Home-Based Online Business

For people over fifty, some of the best business types are online. Compiling website information or doing research, for example, is a great option. This not only pays well, it maintains mental clarity. The only consideration is getting over the fear of technology. With the advancing age comes the importance of time being invested in various activities. Technology is a great way to save time because automated programs save time.

It is important to select a business you enjoy such as writing for a recipe website or contributing web content on topics you enjoy to various publishing sites.

The Challenges of Memory Loss

At one time of another we have all misplaced keys, forgotten a phone number, blanked on an acquaintance name. When we are still young this is not much of problem but as we age we start worrying a lot what they mean. Lack of focus or memory loss is a common disease among adults. For instance, you start talking about something then suddenly you realize that you cannot remember all about it or you are giving directions when suddenly you cannot remember everything.



Among the Asian and Pacific Islander seniors, this is usually a common problem. Unfortunately, the Asian culture does not allow treatment to be carried out in the normal way. The treatment often requires that the health professionals ask patients and their family members to share their views about the problem and their treatment expectations before the treatment can be commenced.

In this context,the relationship is not seen as a partnership but rather the physician is considered as an authority making the patients tell them only what they want to hear. Therefore, it’s important that the health care provider reassure the patient that they can freely talk about their memory problems without any judgment being put on them. Thankfully, these challenges of aging among the Asian and Pacific Islander seniors can easily be addressed through mental exercises.

This means that as a patient you do not have to visit a doctor for such challenges.

Top 7 Solutions and Mental Exercises for Seniors

  1. Keep learning– According to experts, continuous learning can actually keep the memory strong by making the person active. For instance, just as jobs often keep people active learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby can also keep you active. You can play chess, read a book, join a group or even pursue music or an art.
  2. Test your recall– You may make a list of things such as a shopping list and try to master them. For the greatest mental stimulation, you may make the items in the list as challenging as possible.
  3. Create word picture– You can visualize the spelling of a particular word in your head and then try and think of any other word that is almost the same in spelling with the word that you have visualized.
  4. Consider a memory supplement – there have been many advance in the world of memory, concentration and focus supplements. Ginkgo Biloba is no longer the only and/ or best choice to help memory recall.  Research nootropics!
  5. Economize your brain use– As a senior citizen, you do not need to use your memory to remember small things such as where you put your car keys. This will free your brain so that you can be able to remember important things. You can also take advantage of cameras, planners, shopping lists and maps so that you can improve your memory in a much easier way.
  6. Repeat what you want to know– When you want to memorize something that you have heard you may repeat it, memorize or even write it down. By doing so, you will be putting your memory into action. For instance, if you have just learned someone’s name you can use it when talking to him or her.
  7. Make a mnemonic– Mnemonic devices could be things in the form of acronyms such as EGBDF referring to Every Good Boy Does Fine. This will give you an easy way of remembering things.


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